Climb the tower and enjoy the view of the World's Highest Tides. For an even more spectacular view of the Minas Basin and its record breaking tides, the lighthouse look-off trails are excellent viewing points.  From these trails, one can also witness a magnificent sunset.

Constructed in 1873, this lighthouse is a typical example of the many 
square, wooden lighthouses built around Atlantic Canada during the 
late 1800's. The lighthouse is 20 feet in in height and sits atop a 
cliff, at the entrance of Walton Harbour. 

For most of its active life, 
two large kerosene wicks, magnified by means of a Fresnel lens, shone 
through its lantern. With the decline of shipping from the port of 
Walton in the 1970s the lighthouse was decommissioned.

The Walton Lighthouse currently serves as a popular tourist spot for people worldwide...

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The Last Original Lighthouse
in Hants County

to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy a panoramic view of the cliffs 
and Fundy Tides.

Open Daily
May-October 15th
Hours:  7:00 am - 7:00 pm

The landscape is breathtaking, adding even more beauty to already extraordinary sight...the tides.
This picturesque park is complete with washroom facilities, gazebo and picnic area for the tired tourist wanting to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze.
While in the Walton area, take the opportunity to experience wonderful bass and flounder fishing or take a swim in the cool, refreshing waters.  The lighthouse and surrounding area has something for everyone.

Declared a heritage property in 1992, the Walton Lighthouse is one of the few lighthouses which 
you are able to climb the stairs, and access the lantern room.  

To get there, follow Route 215 from either Brooklyn or Shubenacadie to 
the village of Walton. A short drive along a graveled road past the 
wharf brings you to the